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Insight into Rainfall Payouts

With unpredictable weather patterns on the rise, Australian farmers face increased risks to crop yield and quality. Parametric rainfall insurance, including Rain Season and Rain Day Weather Certificates, have emerged as a critical tool for agribusinesses, providing rapid payouts based on specific weather events rather than traditional loss assessments.

How Parametric Rainfall Insurance Works

Unlike conventional insurance, parametric policies payout when predetermined weather thresholds are crossed. For example, if rainfall exceeds or falls below set levels during crucial growing periods, farmers receive compensation, ensuring immediate financial support without the lengthy claims process.

Example Payout Based on Historical Rainfall Data

CelciusPro Australia has developed tailored insurance solutions catering to the unique needs of the Australian agriculture market. The attached graphic demonstrates a payout model based on historical rainfall data.

Chart displaying rainfall insurance payouts based on specific rain day events and season for Australian agriculture

Rain Day Event Coverage

For days with rainfall exceeding 20mm, the policy outlines a compensation of $25 per tonne per day, ensuring that excessive rain does not translate to financial loss. Learn More >

Rain Season Thresholds

The policy also considers the entire rain season, offering $0.50 per tonne per millimeter above a strike of 110mm. This safeguards against seasonal variability, which can significantly impact harvest quality and timing. Learn More >

Premium Affordability

At $3.6 per tonne off the sale price, the premium for this parametric insurance is both affordable and a wise investment for the future security of a farming enterprise.

Historical Payouts Analysis

Delving into historical scenarios:

  • 2010: A farmer would have received $50 per tonne as two rain day events exceeded the 20mm threshold, and the seasonal rainfall was above the strike figure.

  • 2000: The season's rainfall was significantly over the strike, triggering a payout of $23.50 per tonne.

  • 1995: Two days of heavy rain led to a payout of $25 per tonne.

Why Australian Farmers Choose Parametric Insurance

The choice for parametric insurance among Australian farmers is clear. It offers predictable, fast payouts that help manage financial risks associated with erratic weather, particularly rainfall variability which can dictate the success of a farming season.

Protecting Your Enterprise Against Weather Uncertainties

With CelciusPro Australia's parametric insurance, you're not just buying a policy; you're investing in the resilience and sustainability of your agribusiness. Our case study shows the tangible benefits of our specific rainfall insurance solutions.

In an era of climate change, where the only constant is unpredictability, Australian farmers need a reliable safety net. Parametric rainfall insurance by CelciusPro Australia provides that security, with evidence-backed payouts ensuring that our farmers can weather any storm.

Take Control of Your Farm's Future with Rainfall Insurance

Don't let unpredictable weather wash away your profits. With CelciusPro's Rainfall Parametric Insurance, you can turn uncertainty into security. Act now and give your farm the protection it deserves against the vagaries of nature. Get in touch today to customize your coverage and ensure that when the rain patterns change, your financial stability remains constant.


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