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Farming Weather Insurance

Our Approach 

Innovative Solutions for a Resilient Future

At CelsiusPro, we are dedicated to pioneering comprehensive solutions in the field of climate risk management. Our approach is grounded in innovation, leveraging advanced technology and in-depth expertise to offer a full spectrum of services. From risk analysis and product design to pricing, risk transfer, and settlement, we ensure a holistic approach to managing climate risks.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by different sectors, we offer bespoke solutions, particularly for the agricultural community. Our aim is to mitigate risks and enhance yield, thereby securing the triple bottom line of companies and reducing income volatility. Our services are not just about protection; they're about empowering businesses and communities to thrive in the face of climate uncertainties.

Embracing Innovation and Expertise to Offer Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

CelsiusPro delivers innovative, climate-smart insurance solutions to safeguard and sustain the agricultural sector against climate uncertainties.

Weather Related Business Insurance


Linking Demand with Supply

CelsiusPro plays a pivotal role in linking demand and supply in the index-based risk transfer market. We offer both one-off and automated pricing and risk transfer to reinsurers and alternative markets. Our extensive experience and strong network with risk takers enable us to provide the best execution for our clients, ensuring optimal risk management strategies.

Australian Agribusiness Insurance
Weather Event Insurance


Integrating Technology with Expert Insight

Our services encompass the entire value chain, including risk analysis, product structuring, and solution design. Utilising our proprietary technology platform, we conduct large-scale scenario analysis and modelling. This approach allows us to efficiently deliver solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs and risks of our clients.

​Expanding Access through Technology

​Our technology platform is designed to cater to large-scale product distribution. The flexible White Label Solution allows insurance companies, governmental agencies, cooperatives, and other aggregators to customise the distribution platform according to their specific needs. This includes both web and mobile-based distribution of information and products, ensuring wide-reaching and efficient dissemination of our risk management solutions.

Tailoring Insurance for Diverse Needs

Risk Analysis & Solution Design

Comprehensive risk assessment and custom insurance solution development to meet diverse client needs.

Pricing & Risk Transfer

Expert navigation of the risk transfer market, ensuring competitive pricing and robust coverage options.

Agricultural Insurance Solutions

Specialised products designed to mitigate agricultural risks and enhance yield sustainability.

Technology-Driven Distribution

Utilising an advanced platform for efficient, scalable distribution of insurance products, catering to a wide range of clients.

Unpredictable Weather Insurance
Australia weather certificates for agriculture

Unlock Your Climate Shield

Explore our range of Weather Certificates tailored for every climate challenge. Find the perfect solution to secure your operations against unpredictable weather conditions.

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