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Australia's Premier Parametric Hail Insurance Solution

CelsiusPro is proud to unveil a groundbreaking advancement in hail protection for Australian agriculture, leveraging the cutting-edge Hailios Technology. Our latest offering, Eyewitness, represents a significant leap forward in parametric hail insurance, providing unmatched accuracy and innovation.

Discover Eyewitness

Developed by Hailios, Eyewitness stands as the world's inaugural compact, wireless system dedicated to hail detection and analysis. This revolutionary device captures the most comprehensive hail data available, offering new dimensions of environmental insight. Its sensors gather detailed, site-specific, real-time data, directly from the cloud, setting a new standard in hail event monitoring.

Tailored Parametric Insurance Solutions

With the precise hail data from Eyewitness, CelsiusPro crafts bespoke Parametric Insurance Covers, designed to shield your revenue against the financial impact of hail damage. Our solutions are already bolstering resilience across various sectors, including Sugar Cane, Mangoes, Pineapples, Bananas, and Broadacre crops, safeguarding them against the ravages of hail.

The Advantages at a Glance

Operational Mechanics

The compensation mechanism is straightforward yet sophisticated. Payouts are calculated based on the maximum hailstone size detected by Eyewitness and the storm's intensity, measured by the frequency of hail impacts during the event.

Illustrative Scenario

Consider an orchard insured for $250,000 under our hail cover. During a storm, Eyewitness records a maximum hailstone diameter of 2.1cm, with the hail falling at a moderate intensity. Based on our payout matrix, this scenario would entitle the orchard owner to a 25% payout of the insured value, equating to $62,500.

Get in Touch

CelsiusPro is committed to providing Australian farmers and agricultural businesses with the most advanced, reliable hail protection solutions on the market, ensuring peace of mind and financial security against the unpredictable nature of hail storms.

If your business or industry could benefit from CelsiusPro's innovative Hail Insurance, we invite you to schedule an appointment via phone, Zoom, or an in-person meeting to suit your convenience. Let's tailor the perfect weather protection plan for you.


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